Funky House Set by Filip Jurkowski

We here at Color In Flight Radio believe in the teaching kids the joys of music as soon as they’re able to pop-lock in their Moms’ tummies, and so when we stumbled upon this video we had to share the joy immediately.

This little dude Filip Jurkowski (who I believe is from Poland) throws down a super smooth funky house set for an hour while his Dad lovingly hangs around in the background, drinks coffee, nods his head, and makes sure that the ship stays sailing smoothly.

The fact that this little dude’s dad has given him so much music game at a young age is so heartwarming. We should all be sharing musical game with our daughters, sons, nieces, and nephews in this same way!

Peep the vid, marvel at how cooler-than-a-cucumber little Filip stays throughout the mix, and check the rest of their father-son vids on their YouTube channel here when you get a chance.

Enjoy this!

The Official Relaunch | Color In Flight (Ep. 1)


Ten years after our first mission we are here to announce that the Color In Flight Starship has once again taken to the skies.

1. Abraham Beltran – Episode 1 Intro
2. Pan Ron – Kom Veacha Tha Sneha Kom
3. John Dankworth & His Orchestra – Return From The Ashes
4. Robin Trower – I’m Out To Get You
5. Leo’s Sunshine – Madame Butterfly
6. Little Beaver – I Like The Way You Do Your Thing
7. Michael Henderson – In The Summer Time
8. Roy Ayers – The Memory
9. Dexter Wansel – Theme From The Planets
10. Donald Byrd – Where Are We Going?
11. Leon Ware – Why I Came To California
12. Pleasure – Thoughts Of Old Flames
13. Michael Henderson – Let Love Enter
14. Rachel Modest – I Try
15. Chris McClenney – Redbone (Live)
16. Khruangbin – Maria TambiĆ©n
17. Shintaro Sakamoto – Disco Is
18. Gundelach – Spiders
19. ESG – My Love For You
20. Elia y Elizabeth – Alegria
21. Doug Hream Blunt – Gentle Persuasion
22. Dry Bread – Words To My Song
23. Jesse Boykins III – B4 The Night Is Thru
24. Roman GianArthur – I-69
25. Barrington Levy – The Vibes Is Right
26. The Jones Girls – When I’m Gone
27. Arin Ray – We Ain’t Homies
28. Stimulator Jones – Soon Never Comes
29. Moonchild – Run Away
30. Hubert Laws – Family
31. Horace Silver – Soul Searchin’

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