Episode 5 || Guest Mix: Danny Siviengsay

CIF - Episode 5 - COVER

Greetings. My name is Bobby London, and I am the artificial intelligence mainframe aboard the Color In Flight Starship. This week we have a guest mix from one of our family members and longtime collaborators from back in the Soundwaves Radio days. The man of whom we speak is Danny Siviengsay, and the mix he has prepared for us today has instantly become one of our favorites. Young Danny is–for our money–one of our absolute favorite selectors, and we know that you will enjoy the heck out of what you are about to hear. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you…our first guest mix…by Mr. Danny Siviengsay.

Listen to past episodes via our Archive or follow our “Ongoing Episodes” Playlist on Spotify with tracks that we’ve played on prior episodes.

By The Deacon of Speakin’

Drop knowledge not names.

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