Episode 2 || Post-Fight Dance Party

Canelo GGG 2

Roses are red, Rene Russo was in “Ransom”…it’s time for Episode 2 with Uncle Handsome.

1. Kenny Chi – 9718
2. Kenny Chi – Diamond Blanket
3. ESG – Moody
4. Myd – The Sun
5. DJ Spinna – Squish
6. Tom Misch – Sunshine
7. Onra – Let Me Fantasize
8. Claudia Barry – Love for the Sake of Love
9. Slave – Steppin’ Out
10. Aretha Franklin – Jump To It (Single Version)
11. Luther Vandross – Better Love
12. George Benson – Please Don’t Walk Away
13. The Internet – Roll (Burbank Funk)
14. Arnie Love & The Lovelettes – We Had Enough
15. Universal Togetherness Band – Ain’t Gonna Cry
16. Rainbow Team – Bite the Apple
17. Unlimited Touch – Searching to Find the One
18. Jean Carn – My Love Don’t Come Easy
19. Midnight Express – Danger Zone (Extended Version)
20. Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – Port of Spain Hustle
21. Evelyn “Champagne” King – The Show Is Over

Listen to past episodes via our Color In Flight Episode Archive or follow our “Ongoing Episodes” Playlist on Spotify for regular updates with tracks that we’ve played on this and prior episodes.

By The Deacon of Speakin’

Drop knowledge not names.

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