Platinum Pied Pipers feat. Zeno – “Fever”

This track was off the Platinum Pied Pipers’ (Waajeed and Saadiq) lone album under this moniker and cotdamn this album changed my life when it dropped in 2005. I still to this day (DEONTAY WILDER VOICE) will challenge anyone to find me an album with a more unfadeable opening 5 songs that give you the feeling that the 5 opening heaters on THIS album give. If Waajeed ever put together another PPP album I’d be lined up wherever the hell I need to be lined up at midnight for the official release. By the time you get to this “Fever” track on the album you’ve already been on an emotional dancefloor rollercoaster, you’re sweating through your flyest outfit from two-stepping with your partner, and your voice is hoarse from singing along at the top of your lungs with your eyes closed and your heart full of happiness. THAT’S how much this album means to me. PPP!!!! ✊😁❤️

By The Deacon of Speakin’

Drop knowledge not names.

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