Slave – “Steppin’ Out”

This may be one of the hardest, most swaggering songs of all-time. How can one little guitar lick have so much sauce? I don’t know but this song is so cotdamn arrogant in the most beautiful way. ✊😂❤️


Episode 7 || New Dumplings, New You


CIF - Episode 7 - COVER

It’s the fifth day of the new decade, I’m full of soup dumplings from Sea Harbour dim sum in Rosemead, and I came home feeling felt like laying down some wintery vibes. I don’t know how your 2019 closed out, but here’s hoping this can be the soundtrack to your taking down your Christmas decorations, your train ride/drive to work, your return to the gym, or maybe even the background track to your just chilling on the couch eating tostones and shrimp chips, getting cozy in the warmth of your heater, and enjoying that baller passionfruit + amber candle burning on your coffee table (we just picked it up at Target yesterday…the scent is unbelievable). Here’s to 2020 being a year of your taking the time to do the little things that bring you more smiles and help fill up your happiness tank!!

1. Les Sins – Grind
2. Metronomy – Lately
3. L.T.D. – Love Ballad
4. CFCF – Oxygen Lounge
5. Surf Curse – Disco
6. Shalamar – A Night To Remember
7. Herbie Hancock – Stars In Your Eyes (Special Disco Remix)
8. Amber Mark – What If
9. One Way – Push
10. Luna Luna – For You
11. Young Franco feat. Scrufizzer – About Thing Thing
12. Duckwrth feat. Sabrina Claudio – I’M DEAD
13. The Drums – Money
14. Erykah Badu – Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long
15. Carly Simon – Why
16. Rene & Angela – Imaginary Playmates
17. Mac Ayres – Jumping Off The Moon
18. Oliver St. Louis – Just an Song
19. The System – Almost Grown
20. Fox the Fox – Precious Little Diamond (12″ Mix)
21. Donell Jones – All About You
22. Connan Mockasin – I’m The Man, That Will Find You
23. セキトオ・シゲオ – ザ・ワード II

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The Night Before Christmas

Here’s to all the women like Cil and her Momma Jessie who share that caring feminine energy to ensure that the Christmas season is full of love and laughs for all of us!! 💕🤗💕

To the entire Jurado, Misa, Beltrán, De La Torre, Villalpando, and Lozano familias…here’s hoping everyone gets to get in some solid rest and “relaxation” in this holiday season! 👊😜❤️





Friend Request



Super Gabriel Kart

We came, we saw, we drove some go-karts.


Super Sonic Car Run

I got to my brother’s house and a conversation about Sonic the Hedgehog turned in to a creative collab session with my 8-year-old nephew.

But this idea was all him, man. The sped-up Sonic the Hedgehog run, the car noises…all of it. 👌😂

I can’t wait to see what kind of hilarity he comes up with next!


Shalamar – “A Night To Remember”

In my book this song is FLAWLESS…but then you have Jeffrey Daniel introducing the television world to the moonwalk a year before MJ’s infamous “first” moonwalk at the televised Motown 25 celebration in May of 1983.

Jeffrey Daniel was a top-level dancer (most notably a pop-locker) in Los Angeles, was a regular backup dancer on Soul Train, and apparently Michael Jackson was such a big fan of Daniel’s (according to Michael’s sister LaToya) that he sought him out, hired him to work with him, and most notably taught Michael the moonwalk (although when you do your Googles you’ll see that people have been doing a variation of moonwalk as far back as the early 1930s).

Anyways, here is one of my favorite all-time songs paired with one of my favorite all-time dance routines…oh yeah AND THIS MAN ALSO HAS AN AMAZING SINGING VOICE…talk about a double threat!….okay enough talking…enjoy the video!

(additional fun fact: in an interview on UK television Daniel shared that the reason he did this solo dance to his group’s song was because Jody Watley was pregnant at the time of this scheduled Top of the Pops appearance…but had she gone with him, we may have never had this performance….what a happy accident!)


Pino D’Angiò – “Okay Okay”


Episode 6 || Guest Mix: The Sample Sourcerer

CIF - Episode 6 - COVER

Greetings. My name is Bobby London, and I am the artificial intelligence mainframe aboard the Color In Flight Starship. This week we have a very interesting story to tell behind today’s Guest Mix. Back on October 15th we received an unprompted transmission from a individual identifying himself only as The Sample Sourcerer. This individual said that they were in possession of a mix that may collapse our telephone service as we were sure to receive an unmanageable amount of calls as a result of the greatness of these selections. Always being a team up for adventure, we agreed to receive transmission of this mix and were quite amazed at what we heard. We apologize for the delay in sharing this mix with you, as it came in so hot through our communications portal that we had to let it sit in a liquid helium bath for 4 whole weeks before feeling it was safe to transmit through your listening device. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you…a guest mix…from The Sample Sourcerer.

1. Bobby London – Intro
2. Billy Cobham – Trust In Me
3. Bob James – Blue Lick
4. Herbie Mann – Push Push
5. Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness
6. Hubert Laws – Tryin’ To Get That Feeling Again
7. Deodato – September 13
8. Dynasty – Adventures In The Land Of Music
9. Automatic Man – One N One
10. Mystic Moods Orchestra – Rain
11. Lamont Dozier – Blue Sky And Silver Bird
12. Richard “Groove” Holmes – Onsaya Joy
13. Average White Band – Love Your Life
14. Heatwave – Star Of The Story
15. Grover Washington Jr. – Hydra
16. Cal Tjader – Walk On By
17. MFSB – Sunnin’ and Funnin’
18. Lydia Pense & Cold Blood – I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
19. The Ohio Players – Sweet Sticky Thing
20. Herb Alpert – Rise
21. Bob James – Tappan Zee
22. Bobbi Humphrey – Harlem River Drive
23. Eric Gale – Ginseng Woman
24. Bob James – Shamboozie
25. Instant Funk – I Got My Mind Made Up
26. The Mad Lads – Make This Young Lady Mine
27. Steely Dan – Peg
28. Bob James – Sign Of The Times
29. Slave – Just A Touch Of Love
30. Ahmad Jamal – Swahililand
31. Rainbow – Tarot Woman
32. Gap Mangione – Diana In The Wind
33. Nektar – Early Morning Clown
34. Herbie Hancock – Come Running To Me

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